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HBRANV Legislative and Government Affairs Program covers local, county, state, and federal issues, and works to protect the industry from onerous regulations that could raise the cost of housing.  In coordination with the HBRANV staff, the committee works hard to:

    • Monitor and review codes, ordinances and legislation which directly impact the homebuilding industry
    • Communicate with elected officials and policy makers regarding our industry issues
    • Formulate and advocate for needed changes, and
    • Educate members of the Association about current issues, new laws, regulatory and administrative matters.

The committee works closely with business groups and trade associations on state issues and has direct contact with state legislators as well as town and city officials. Although the program's primary focus is at the state and local levels, the committee monitors and provides input on federal legislation through the National Association of Homebuilders as well as directly contacting our Federal officials.  It is important for Vermont's future that HBRANV succeed in ensuring Vermont's housing market is open to all income levels.  

How can you support our efforts?

    • Join the Legislative Committee
    • Contact representatives when HBRANV puts out a legislative alert bulletin
    • Attend the Legislative Breakfast
    • Contribute to the Legislative Agenda Fund

The Annual Golf Tournament supports the Legislative and Government Affairs programs - sign up YOUR team as a fun way to support the cause!

Legislative Updates:

H.867 Independent Contractor Bill

The Independent Contractor bill (H.876) is not dead, not as long as the legislature is in session.  With adjournment set for late April/very early May we are heading in to a critical 3-week stretch. H.867 will be discussed all week in the House Commerce Committee in conjunction with S.23, a bill dealing with required disclosures for workers' compensation settlements.  The plan appears to be to attach language from H.867 to S.23 and then send it back to the Senate (S.23 is a Senate bill that has already been through the Senate and is now being considered by the House). The Senate can either concur with the House changes (unlikely) or a committee of conference will be appointed to negotiate a final bill.  The situation in the State House continues to be extremely fluid so we will keep you updated the best we can as events unfold.

S.176 Accessibility Standards

We have been watching S.176 (a bill relating to disclosure of compliance with accessibility standards in the sale of residential real estate) as it has made its way over from the Senate and it is now in the House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee.  After review and discussion with various members and the legislative committee, HBRANV is ok with the language of the bill at this time.  We will continue to monitor.

S.241 Marijuana Legalization

S.241, the marijuana legalization bill, limped out of the House Judiciary Committee a shell of its former self; it includes no provisions for legalizing marijuana and focuses on prevention, highway safety, expanded decriminalization and study of the issue in the coming years.  The bill will pass through the other House committees (Ways and Means and Appropriations) and make its way to the House floor for a debate, probably next week, as the Speaker and others thinks it deserves an open discussion and debate. The bill appears headed for a conference committee, but the clock is ticking. Once the budget is negotiated, the legislature will adjourn so time is tight. 


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