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2019 Legislative Session is in Session

01/16/2019 6:06 AM | Anonymous
The 2019 legislative session has begun. The buzz in the building regarding leadership's well-known priorities are paid family leave, raising the minimum wage and tax and regulate (aka marijuana legalization). People are also talking about the Act 250 Commission report and what legislation will be proposed in response to that work. 

This session brings forty new representatives in the House and five new Senators.  House Speaker Mitzi Johnson shook up committee assignments quite a bit to balance the "challenges and opportunities" of having so many new representatives as well as five committee chair slots to fill. To top that off, three moderate Republicans in the House lost seats causing some shifting around to fill necessary seats in important money committees.

On Thursday Governor Scott gave his Inaugural Address laying out his priorities, while making a plea to the legislature to work collaboratively and set an example for the country. He said that he would be laying out a plan to fund clean water through an existing, sustainable source (meaning he does not want to raise new taxes). There will be a proposal to make health insurance more affordable for young people. Governor Scott proposes to use money from the Volkswagon settlement to subsidize electric vehicle purchases in the state. High speed internet statewide will also be a priority. Details for these efforts will be outlined in the Governor’s budget address.

Act 250 Activity

We will be following this closely as we are being told that the smaller contractors may be more affected than most in upcoming initiatives.  No testimony was taken this week that would pertain to HBRANV. We have a meeting next week with the Administration to hear their thoughts. The Governor alluded to their proposal in his speech.

“Act 250 was created nearly 50 years ago to address a rapidly growing state. At that time, there wasn’t the regulatory oversight to deal with the population expansion brought on by the baby boom and the interstate highway system.

But those circumstances no longer exist.

That’s why I’ll propose reforms to modernize Act 250 in a way that expands growth in our struggling downtowns while continuing to protect the environment.

We can and must do both.

This proposal builds on work we did together last term to modernize regulation and support the development of affordable housing in our downtowns and growth centers. This year, we can do even more to build stronger communities by updating Act 250 and encourage more compact development while preserving our working lands and rural character.”

Link to Introduced Bills

Thirty bills have been introduced in the House this week. The senate hasn’t published their list yet.

 Senate Standing Committees (New Chairs are highlighted)


Chair, Bobby Starr (D-Orleans)

Vice-Chair Chris Pearson (P/D-Burlington)

Anthony Pollina (P/D-Washington)

Brian Collamore (R-Rutland)

Ruth Hardy (D-Addison)


Chair, Senator Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonai)

Vice-Chair, Alice Nitka (D-Windsor)

Bobby Starr (D-Orleans)

Dick McCormack (D-Windsor)

Richie Westman (R-Lamoille)

Tim Ashe (D/P – Burlington)

Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs

Chair, Michael Sirotkin (D-Burlington)

Vice-Chair Alison Clarkson, (D-Windsor)

Becca Balint (D-Windham)

Randy Brock (R-Franklin)

Cheryl Hooker (D-Rutland)


Chair, Phil Baruth (D/P Burlington)

Vice-Chair Deb Ingram, (D-Burlington)

Ruth Hardy (D-Addison)

Jim McNeil (R-Rutland)

Corey Parent (R-Franklin)

Andrew Perchilk (D-Washington)


Chair, Anne Cummings, (D-Washington)

Vice-Chair, Mark MacDonald (D-Orange)

Michael Sirotkin (D-Burlington)

Brian Campion (D-Bennington)

Becca Balint (D-Windham)

Randy Brock (R-Franklin)

Chris Pearson (D/P Burlington)

Health and Welfare

Chair, Ginny Lyons (D-Burlington)

Vice-Chair, Richie Westman (R-Franklin)

Anne Cummings (D-Washington)

Dick McCormack (D-Windsor)

Deb Ingram (D-Burlington)


Chair, Joe Benning,

Vice-Chair John Rodgers (D-Orleans),

Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle)

Ginny Lyons (D-Burlington)

Cheryl Hooker (D-Rutland)


Chair, Dick Sears (D-Bennington)

Vice-Chair, Alice Nitka (D-Windsor)

Jeanette White (D-Windham)

Joe Benning (R-Caledonia)

Phil Baruth (D/P- Burlington)

Natural Resources Energy

Chair, Chris Bray (D-Addison)

Vice-Chair, Brian Campion (D-Bennington)

Mark MacDonald (D-Orange)

John Rodgers (D-Orleans)

Corey Parent (R-Franklin)


Chair, Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle)

Vice-Chair, Tim Ashe (D/P-Burlington),

Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia)

Andrew Perchlik (D-Washington)

Jim McNeil (R-Rutland)

House Standing Committees


Chair, Carolyn Partridge (D-Windham)

Vice-Chair, Rodney Graham (R-Williamstown)

John Bartholomew (D-Hartland)

Tom Bock (D-Chester)

 Charen Fegard (D-Enosburg Falls)

 Terry Norris (I-Shoreham)

John O’Brien (D-Tunbridge)

Vickie Strong (R-Albany)


Chair, Kitty Toll (D-Danville)

Vice-Chair, Mary Hooper (D-Montpelier)

Peter Fagan (Rutland City)

Chip Conquest (D-Newbury)

Marty Feltus (R-Lyndon)

Bob Helm (R-Fair Haven)

Diane Lanpher (D-Vergennes)

Linda Myers (R-Essex)

Maida Townsend (D-South Burlington)

Matt Trieber (D-Rockingham)

Dave Yacovone (D-Morristown)

Commerce and Economic Development 

Chair, Mike Marcotte (R-Coventry)

Vice-Chair, Jean O’Sullivan (D-Burlington)

Charlie Kimbell (D-Woodstock)

Bill Bancroft (R-Westford)

Jim Caroll (D-Bennington)

Lynn Dickinson (R-St. Albans Town)

Matt Hill (D-Wolcott)

Stephanie Jerome (D-Brandon)

Emillie Kornheiser (D-Brattleboro)

Zach Ralph (P-Hartland)

Tristan Toleno (D-Brattleboro)

Corrections and Institutions 

Chair, Alice Emmons (D-Springfield)

Vice-Chair, Butch Shaw (R-Pittsford(

Terry Macaig (D-Willistno)

Sara Coffey (D- Guilford )

Carl Demrow (D-Corinth)

Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington)

Felichia Leffler (R-Enosburgh)

Marcia Martel (R-Waterford)

Mary Morrissey (R-Bennington)

Linda Joy Sullivan (D-Dorset)

Curt Taylor (D-Colchester)


Chair, Kate Webb (D-Shelburne)

Vice-Chair, Larry Cupoli (R-Rutland City),

Peter Conlon (D-Cornwall)

Sarita Austin (D-Colchester)

Lynn Batchelor (R-Derby)

Caleb Elder (D-Starksboro)

Dylan Giambatista (D-Essex)

Kathleen James (D-Manchester)

Jay Hooper (D-Randolph)

Chris Mattos (R-Milton)

Casey Toof (R- St. Albans)

Energy and Technology 

Chair, Tim Briglin (D-Thetford )

Vice-Chair, Laura Sibilia (I-Dover)

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (P-Middletown Springs)

Scott Campbell (D-St. Johnsbury)

Seth  Chase (D-Colchester)

Mark Higley (R-Lowell)

Avram Patt (D-Worcester)

Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe)

Mike Yantachka (D-Charlotte)

General, Housing and Military Affairs 

Chair, Tom Stevens (D-Waterbury )

Vice-Chair, Chip Troiano, (D- Stannard)

Diana Gonzalez (P-Winooski)

Matt Birong (D-Vergennes)

Marianna Gamache (R-Swanton)

Mary Howard (D-Rutland City)

John Killacky (D-South Burlington)

Emily Long (D-Newfane)

Randall, Szott (D-Barnard)

Tommy Walz (D-Barre City )

Government Operations 

Chair, Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (D-Bradford)

Vice-Chair, John Gannon (D- Wilmington)

Rob LaClair (R-Barre Town)

Nelson Brownell (D-Pownal)

Marcia Gardner (D-Richmond)

Jim Harrison (R- Chittenden)

Bob Hooper (D-Burlington)

Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier)

Mike Mrowicki (D-Poultney)

John Palasik (R-Milton)

Health Care 

Chair, Bill Lippert (D-Hinesburg)

Vice-Chair, Anne Donahue (R-Northfield)

Lori Houghton (D-Essex)

Annmarie Christiansen (D-Weathersfield)

Brian Cina (P-Burlington)

Mari Cordes (D-Lincoln)

David Durfee (D-Shaftsbury)

Ben Jickling (I-Randolph)

Woody Page(R-Newport City)

Lucy Rogers (D-Waterville)

Brian Smith (R-Derby)

Human Services 

Chair, Ann Pugh (D South Burlington)

Vice-Chair, Sandy Haas (P-Rochester)

Topper McFaun (R-Barre Town)

Jessica Brumsted (D-Shelburne)

James Gregoire (R-Fairfield)

Logan Nicoll (D-Ludlow)

Dan Noyes (D-Wolcott )

Kelly Pajala (I-Londonderry)

Marybeth Redmond (D- Essex)

Carl Rosenquist (R-Georgia)

Theresa Wood (D- Waterbury)


Chair, Maxine Grad (D-Moretown

Vice-Chair, Tom Burditt (R-West Rutland)

Martin Lalonde (D-South Burlington )

Kevin Christie (D-Hartford )

Selina Colburn (P- Burlington)

Kenneth Goslant (R-Northfield)

Nadir Hashim (D-Dummerston)

Kim Jessup (D-Middlesex)

Will Notte (D-Rutland City)

Barbara Rachelson (D-Burlington)

Patrick Seymour (R- Sutton)

Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife 

Chair, Amy Sheldon (D- Middlebury)

Vice-Chair, Paul Lefebvre R-Newark)

Trevor Squirrell (D-Underhill)

Chris Bates (D- Bennington)

Kari Dolan (D-Waitsfield)

Bob Forguites (D-Springfield )

Jim McCullough (D-Williston)

Leland Morgan (R-Milton)

Carol Ode (D- Burlington)

Harvey Smith (R-New Haven)

Tom Terenzini (R- Rutland Town)


Chair, Curt McCormack (D-Burlington)

Vice-Chair, Barbara  Murphy (I-Fairfax)

Tim Corcoran (D-Bennington)

Mollie Burke (P-Brattleboro)

Mike McCarthy (D- St. Albans City)

Pattie McCoy (R-Poultney)

Dave Potter (D-Clarendon)

Connie Quimby (R- Concord)

Brian Savage (R-Swanton)

Mary Sullivan (D-Burlington)

Becca White (D-Hartford)

Ways and Means 

Chair, Janet Ancel (D-Calais)

Vice-Chair, Bill Canfield (R-Fair Haven)

Joey Donovan (D-Burlington)

Peter Anthony (D-Barre City)

Scott Beck (R-St. Johnsbury)

Pat Brennan (R-Colchester)

Cynthia Browning  (D-Arlington)

Jim Masland (D-Thetford)

Robin Scheu (D- Middlebury)

George Till (D-Jericho)

Sam Young (D-Greensboro)




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