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HBRAVT Removes Language and Penalties from Bill

03/02/2018 4:35 PM | Denis Bourbeau
3-1-2018 Weekly Legislative Update.

We successfully removed the language from the original version of bill H.731 which would have prohibited employers from providing people working under them with “substantial and material assistance related to the establishment of an independent business in order to avoid their obligation under the workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance laws.” 

This bill also had a $5000 penalty if you did help someone establish a business that worked for your company.

The strikethrough of this bill turns in into a workers comp whistleblower protections bill. It would make it illegal for an employer to refuse to employ any applicant for employment specifically because the applicant asserted a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in the past. It also stipulates that an employer cannot retaliate against an employee if they suspect them of reporting said employer for misclassifying employees. This bill now sits in Ways and Means, slated for discussion later this week.

We have been invited to testify in front of House Commerce this week on H.877, which would create a  workforce training pilot project for weatherization trades.

The Department of Labor, together with the regional Career Technical Education Centers, shall establish the Weatherization Trades Workforce Training Pilot Project, consistent with the following: 
The Department, CTE Centers, and Adult Technical Education.

These organizations would:

•advertise the availability of workforce training in weatherization trades;
•organize informational sessions, meetings, and other group and individual opportunities for prospective trainees and weatherization companies to connect; and
•coordinate matches between trainees and employers.
•the Department agrees to provide educational and administrative support to the trainee and 50 percent of the cost of training; and
•the employer agrees to provide 50 percent of the cost of training and to employ the trainee upon the successful completion of training, passage of an examination, attainment of a required certification, or a combination of these.
•The CTE Centers, subject to approval by the Department, shall provide education and training that meet the needs of trainees and employers.
•The Department shall have the authority to use available private, State, and federal funding to implement the provisions of this section

Provide testimony to Senate Economic Development when H.731 Crosses over.
Possibly provide testimony this week on H.877.
Monitor House Commerce for any bad independent contractor bills. Likely we will not see any more come up as H.731 seems to have taken the pressure off.

 Maggie Lenz | Associate
 Ellis Mills LLC

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