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Contractor Licensing Review

10/26/2017 4:49 AM | Denis Bourbeau (Administrator)

The Legislature has put together a Committee to Review and recommend to the full Legislature the position that the State will take on if we should or should not have Contractor Licensing or overview in Vt. 

The first meeting of the Sunrise Review Committee, (this is the name of the Committee that is doing the review), will be at the State House on 10/24/2017. There will be several other meetings in the future that will allow the public and our HBRANV lobbyist and representatives to express their opinions on how the State should proceed.        

HBRANV will be sending out a survey to the membership to determine what position the membership of the organization wants to support. There are pros and cons to both sides of the issue. 


·         Licensing may help the legitimate fully insured contractor to be more competitive when bidding against non-licensed and noninsured contractors.

·         Licensing will also help protect the public consumer, so they can be assured that when they hire a Licensed contractor that they are educated, experienced and fully insured. 

·        Continuing education if imposed will insure that all Licensed Contractors will have the up to date knowledge of all the new building systems and building codes as they continual change in the construction environment.


·        State will have the ability to implement more requirements over time for all contractors that may be more than the original intent of protecting the consumer

·        State will have control of requirements to obtain a license to be able to operate as a legal Contracting Business. 

HBRANV will be representing our members position in these hearings and will be your voice to insure that Contractors rights and benefits are protected. Further updates as this review progresses will posted on this Blog. 

PLEASE post your COMMENTS on this issue below.

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