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Hello Vermont Builders and Remodelers Association,

Vermont adopted the U.S. EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) authority from the U.S. EPA on October 1, 2022. Contractors need to apply to the Asbestos and Lead Regulatory Program at the Vermont Department of Health for their Vermont Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, Painting and Maintenance (RRPM) firm and supervisor licenses if they perform RRP work in Vermont

You can no longer perform RRP work in Vermont with a U.S. EPA firm certificate. Read more about the Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM program and how contractors apply for the RRPM firm and supervisor licenses here:

Please note: 

If your EPA certificate is still valid, you will not be required to pay another fee until the date of expiration of your current certificate.  

How to handle this item on the website?

When you submit a New Company or RRPM Firm request in the ALRP licensing system, you will be asked if you have a current EPA firm certificate. If you upload your current certificate where requested in this form we will make visible in your ALRP licensing system account a VT RRPM firm application that does not take you through payment.

Your current RRP lead renovator certificate will be accepted in the RRPM supervisor application.

Vermont does allow the RRP lead renovator training to be taken in other states. This training certificate is required in the RRPM supervisor application.


Learn about Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM at:


Sign up for an online IRC Practices training 


Learn about Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM and apply for an RRPM firm or supervisor license here:

Apply for a Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM firm or supervisor license or UCCO certificate or use this lookup tool: 

to find RRPM firm and supervisor license and UCCO certificate holders. 

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